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The 1st semester of pharmaceutics plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for pharmaceutical sciences. Our website offers comprehensive study materials and notes tailored specifically for this semester. With a focus on key subjects like dosage forms, pharmaceutical calculations, and drug delivery systems, our notes provide detailed explanations, diagrams, and examples to help you grasp the fundamental concepts effectively. Whether you are a pharmacy student seeking reliable study resources or a professional in the pharmaceutical industry looking to refresh your knowledge, our 1st semester pharmaceutics notes are designed to meet your needs. Gain a solid understanding of the principles and practices in pharmaceutics with our meticulously crafted study materials. Start your journey towards success today!


Historical background and development of the profession of pharmacy:

  • History of the profession of Pharmacy in India in relation to pharmacy education, industry, and organization, Pharmacy as a career, Pharmacopoeias: Introduction to IP, BP, USP and Extra Pharmacopoeia.
  • Dosage forms: Introduction to dosage forms, classification, and definitions
  • Prescription: Definition, Parts of prescription, handling of Prescription, and Errors in prescription.
  • Posology: Definition, Factors affecting posology. Pediatric dose calculations are based on age, body weight, and body surface area.


  • Pharmaceutical calculations: Weights and measures – Imperial & Metric system, Calculations involving percentage solutions, allegation, proof spirit, and isotonic solutions based on freezing point and molecular weight.
  • Powders: Definition, classification, advantages and disadvantages, Simple & compound powders – official preparations, dusting powders, effervescent, efflorescent and hygroscopic powders, eutectic mixtures. Geometric dilutions.
  • Liquid dosage forms: Advantages and disadvantages of liquid dosage forms. Excipients used in the formulation of liquid dosage forms. Solubility enhancement techniques


  • Monophasic liquids: Definitions and preparations of Gargles, Mouthwashes, Throat Paint, Eardrops, Nasal drops, Enemas, Syrups, Elixirs, Liniments, and Lotions.

Biphasic liquids: –

  • Suspensions: Definition, advantages and disadvantages, classifications, Preparation of suspensions; Flocculated and Deflocculated suspension & stability problems and methods to overcome.
  • Emulsions: Definition, classification, emulsifying agent, test for the identification of the type of emulsion, Methods of preparation & stability problems, and methods to overcome.


  • Suppositories: Definition, types, advantages and disadvantages, types of bases, methods of preparations. Displacement value & its calculations, evaluation of suppositories.
  • Pharmaceutical incompatibilities: Definition, classification, physical, chemical, and therapeutic incompatibilities with examples.


  • Semisolid dosage forms: Definitions, classification, mechanisms and factors influencing dermal penetration of drugs. Preparation of ointments, pastes, creams, and gels. Excipients are used in semi-solid dosage forms. Evaluation of semi-solid dosages forms
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