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Today’s digital era, computers play a vital role in various fields, including the medical industry. Our website offers comprehensive 2nd semester computer notes for students pursuing computer science or related courses. These notes are carefully curated to provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter. With a focus on important topics such as programming, algorithms, databases, and more, our study material is designed to aid your academic success. By accessing our 2nd semester computer notes, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and enhance your learning experience. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource for improving your understanding of computer science concepts. Start exploring our 2nd semester computer notes today! Bright medico always with you.


Number system.

  • Binary number system, Decimal number system, Octal
  • number system, Hexadecimal number systems, conversion decimal to
  • binary, binary to decimal, octal to binary, etc, binary addition, binary
  • subtraction – One’s complement, Two’s complement method, binary
  • multiplication, binary division.

Concept of Information Systems and Software

  • Information gathering, requirement and feasibility analysis, data flow diagrams, process specifications, input-output design, process life cycle, planning, and managing the project.


Web technologies.

  • Introduction to HTML, XML, CSS and
  • Programming languages, introduction to web servers, and Server
  • Products. introduction to databases, MYSQL, MS ACCESS, and Pharmacy Drug database.


Application of computers in Pharmacy.

  • Drug information storage and
  • retrieval, Pharmacokinetics, Mathematical model in Drug design, Hospital
  • and Clinical Pharmacy, Electronic Prescribing and discharge (EP) systems,
  • barcode medicine identification and automated dispensing of drugs, mobile technology, and adherence monitoring
  • Diagnostic System, Lab-diagnostic System, Patient Monitoring System, and Pharma Information System.



  • Introduction, Objective of Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics
  • Databases, Concept of Bioinformatics, Impact of Bioinformatics in Vaccine Discovery


Computers as data analysis in Preclinical Development

  • Chromatographic data analysis(CDS), Laboratory Information management
  • System (LIMS) and Text Information Management System(TIMS)
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