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The 2nd semester Environmental Notes provide a comprehensive collection of study materials for students pursuing Environmental Studies. These notes are specifically designed to cover important topics related to the environment, ecology, pollution, and conservation. Whether you’re studying at a college or university, these well-organized resources will help you prepare effectively for your exams and deepen your understanding of environmental concepts. Explore our 2nd semester Environmental Notes to gain valuable insights and excel in your academic journey. Environmental Sciences is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on understanding the interactions between humans and their environment.


The Multidisciplinary Nature of environmental studies
Natural Resources Renewable and non-renewable resources:

Natural resources and associated problems.

a) Forest resources; b) Water resources; c) Mineral resources; d) Food
resources; e) Energy resources; f) Land resources: Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources



Concept of an ecosystem.
Structure and function of an ecosystem.
Introduction, types, characteristic features, structure, and function of
the ecosystems: Forest ecosystem; Grassland ecosystem; Desert
ecosystem; Aquatic ecosystems (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans,

Unit- III

Environmental Pollution: Air pollution; Water pollution; Soil pollution

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