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Explore the latest advancements in 7th semester Novel Drug Delivery System. Learn about novel techniques and technologies for targeted drug delivery and enhance your understanding of drug release mechanisms. Enroll now to stay ahead in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.


Controlled drug delivery systems

Introduction, terminology, advantages, disadvantages of the controlled drugs delivery systems, Approaches to design controlled release formulations based on the diffusion, selection of the drugs candidates, and ion exchange principles, physiological and biological properties of the drugs relevant to the controlled release of the formulation.

• Polymers used in the formulation of Drug Delivery Systems

Definitions, Classification, Properties of the polymers, Advantages, and Disadvantages, and polymers applications in the formulation of the DDS (drug delivery systems).


• Microencapsulation– Definitions, advantages, disadvantages, microspheres or microcapsules, methods of microencapsulation, microparticles, and applications.

• Mucosal Drug Delivery System

Introduction, Definitions, Principles of bioadhesion or mucoadhesion, Concepts, Advantages, Disadvantages, Transmucosal permeability, Formulations consideration of the buccal delivery systems.

• Implantable Drug Delivery System

Introductions, Advantages, Disadvantages, Concepts of the implants and the osmotic pump.


• Transdermal Drug Delivery System

Introduction, Permeation through the skins, Factors affecting the permeation, Formulations approach, Permeation enhancers, and Basic component of the TDDS.

• Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System

Introduction, Advantages, Disadvantages, Approaches for GRDDS, Floating, high-density systems, Inflatable and gastro adhesive system, and its applications.

• Nasopulmonary of the drug delivery systems (DDS)

Introduction to the Nasopulmonary drug delivery systems, Formulations of the Inhalers (Dry powdered and meter doses), and Nasal sprays in drug delivery systems.


• Targeted drug delivery

Concepts and approaches of the targeted drugs delivery systems, Advantages, and Disadvantages, Introduction to the liposomes, niosomes, Monoclonal antibodies, nanoparticles, and targeted drugs delivery systems applications.


  • Ocular Drug Delivery Systems

Introduction, Intraocular barriers and methods to overcome- a preliminary study, Ocular formulations, and Ocuserts.

  • Intrauterine Drug Delivery Systems

Introduction, Advantages, Disadvantages, Development of intrauterine devices, and their applications.

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