Applied Sociology and Psychology

Welcome to the 1ST SEM Applied Sociology NOTES BRIGHT MEDICO This course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental concepts, theories, and applications of sociology in various real-world contexts. Whether you’re a student pursuing a degree in sociology or simply interested in understanding social dynamics, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in your 1st semester. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of exploring society and its intricate workings!


Describe the scope and significance of sociology in nursing

  • Definition, nature, and Scope of Sociology
  • Significance of Sociology in Nursing


Social structure.

  • The basic concept of society, community, association, and institution
  • Individal and society
  • Personal disorganization
  • Social group- meaning, characteristics, and classification.
  • Social processes- definition and forms, Cooperation, competition, conflict, accommodation, assimilation, isolation
  • Socialization characteristics, process, agencies of socialization
  • Social Change- nature, process, and Role of the Nurse
  • Structure and characteristics of urban, rural, and tribal communities.
  • Major health problems in urban, rural, and tribal communities
  • Importance of social structure in the nursing profession.



  • Nature, Characteristics, and Evolution of Culture
  • Diversity and uniformity of culture
  • Difference between culture and civilization
  • Culture and socialization
  • Transcultural society Culture, Modernization and its impact on health and disease.


Family and Marriage

  • Family- characteristics, basic needs, types and functions of family
  • Marriage- forms of marriage, social custom relating to marriage and
  • importance of marriage Legislation on Indian marriage and family.
  • Influence of marriage and family on health and health practices.


Social stratification

  • Introduction
  • Characteristics & forms of stratification
  • The function of stratification Indian caste system origin and characteristics Positive and negative impact of caste in society.
  • Class system and status Social mobility-meaning and types Race- concept, criteria of racial classification Influence of class, caste and race system on health.


social organization and disorganization.

  • Social organization meaning, elements and types Voluntary associations Social system- definition, types, role and status as a structural element of social system.
  • Interrelationship of institutions Social control- meaning, aims andprocess of social control Social norms, moral and values
  • Social disorganization definition, causes, Control and planning Major social problems poverty, housing, food supplies, illiteracy, prostitution, dowry, Child labor, child abuse, delinquency, crime, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS
  • Vulnerable group elderly, handicapped, minority and other marginal group.
  • Fundamental rights of individual, women and children
  • Role of nurse in reducing social problem and enhance coping Social welfare programmes in India.


Clinical sociology.

  • Introduction to clinical sociology
  • Sociological strategies for developing services for the abused
  • Use of clinical sociology in crisis intervention.
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