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Welcome to the world of Applied Microbiology, where the tiniest organisms wield tremendous influence. In the 3rd Sem Applied Microbiology notes, our journey delves into the fascinating realm of microorganisms and their practical applications. From biotechnology breakthroughs to environmental solutions, this field offers boundless opportunities for innovation and discovery. We’re excited to be your guide on this scientific expedition, providing you with knowledge, resources, and insights to excel in Applied Microbiology. Let’s embark on a quest to understand and harness the power of microorganisms for a better world.

Complete Notes Of Microbiology

Unit -1


  • Importance and relevance to nursing Historical perspective Concepts terminology Principles microbiology


General characteristics of microbes

  • Structure and classification of Microbes bacteria Morphological types Motility
  • Colonization Size and form of microbes Temperature
  • Moisture and Growth and nutrition of and
  • Microorganisms of Blood and body fluids (negative),
  • Laboratory Methods for Identification of microorganism
  • Types of Staining simple, differential
  • (Gram’s, AFB), special synthetic, capsular staining
  • LPCB. KOH mount. Culture and media
  • preparation – solid and liquid. Types of media
  • spore, synthetic, enriche enrichment, selective, and differential media.
  • Pure culture techniques tube dilution, pour, spread, streak Anaerobic cultivation of bacteria.


pathogenic organisms

  • Micro-organisms Cocci gram positive and gram negative; Bacilli- gram positive
  • and gram-negative Viruses Fungi -Superficial and
  • Deep mycoses Parasites Rodents & vectors Characteristics, Source, portal of entry, transmission of infection,
  • Identification of disease-producing micro-organisms



  • classification reaction Antigen and antibody and structure,
  • Immunity-Types, Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Serological tests Immunoglobulins types properties Vaccines -types
    Classification, storage handling, cold chain, Immunization for various diseases Immunization

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