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Completely Notes Of Pathology – 2

Unit- 1

Special Pathology:
Pathological changes in disease
conditions of selected systems

  1. Kidneys and Urinary tract
     Glomerulonephritis
     Pyelonephritis
     Renal calculi
     Cystitis
     Renal Cell Carcinoma
     Renal Failure (Acute and Chronic)
  2. Male genital systems
  3.  Cryptorchidism
  4.  Testicular atrophy
  5.  Prostatic hyperplasia
  6.  Carcinoma penis and Prostate.
  7. Female genital system
     Carcinoma cervix
     Carcinoma of endometrium
     Uterine fibroids
     Vesicular mole and
     Ovarian cysts and tumors
  8. Breast
     Fibrocystic changes
     Fibroadenoma
  9. Carcinoma of the Breast
  10. Central nervous system
     Meningitis.
     Encephalitis
     Stroke
     Tumors of CNS

Unit- 2

Clinical Pathology
 Examination of body cavity fluids:
o Methods of collection and examination of CSF and other body cavity fluids (sputum, wound discharge) specimens for various clinical pathology, biochemistry, and microbiology tests

Analysis of semen:
o Sperm count, motility, and morphology and their importance in infertility
 Urine:
o Physical characteristics, Analysis, Culture and Sensitivity
 Feces:
o Characteristics
o Stool examination: Occult blood,
Ova, Parasite, and Cyst, Reducing substance, etc.
o Methods and collection of urine and faeces for various tests

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